A Quick Ulysses Tip For Beta-Testing Software

If you find yourself often beta-testing software, you might find yourself often cross-checking feedback with the developer’s release notes to make sure you’re not encountering a problem they’re already aware of.

Fortunately, with Ulysses (Mac and iOS), you can simplify this task. One thing I’ve gotten into the habit of is creating a new note in the sidebar of the document I jot developer feedback into, and paste the latest release notes from the developer.  This way, I can write down an experience/problem in Ulysses, then quickly cross-check it right in the sidebar to make sure it’s not already a known issue.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 3.40.53 PM
Adding the developer’s release notes as a note in your Ulysses document can make cross-checking issues substantially easier.

Certainly not a very complicated tip, but one that I can say has saved me quite a bit of time and checking between e-mails and Ulysses!