Adding Password Protected Podcasts to Overcast for iOS

After encountering the problem myself, I’ve noticed others asking how to add a password-protected podcast to Marco Arment’s excellent iOS podcast app, Overcast. Fortunately, it’s quite simple.

Overcast's add podcast screen
Overcast’s add podcast screen
  1. Tap on the + symbol at the top right of Overcast’s main screen to open the add podcast screen.
  2. Tap on “Add URL” at the top right.
  3. This is where we’re going to create the link to our password-protected podcast with our login credentials embedded within it. Simply get the URL to the podcast, suppose it’s Take that URL, and then after the http://, add your login credentials in the form username:password@. So the URL becomes something along the lines of….

This will ensure that your login credentials are sent alongside the request for the podcast and will allow you to access it properly. It has the unfortunate side-effect of sending your credentials in the clear, particularly if it’s not a https connection, so hopefully Marco will add proper support down the line.