Relative – Matt Gemmell

Another piece from Matt; I appreciate his williness to share his experience with us in such eloquent ways. I can learn from the things that have been a part of his life, and hopefully I can become a better me thanks to it.

Have you ever been stung by a wasp? Or broken a bone? Maybe had a really bad ear infection? I hope not.

Have you ever been hit by an empty suitcase?

I can’t recommend it. Doesn’t hurt as such, but then that’s the thing. Pain is relative.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve always struggled with the added responsibility. I’ve usually coped and managed fine, but as life slowly has layers added – a career, a spouse, children – it’s stunning how the perception of the things in our past change. Children have been a huge catalyst for change and maturation of my own world view and I’m almost embarassed at times of what I used to think was important.

We rarely know the events that will stick with us until much later in life; my recollection of growing up is a patchwork quilt of disconnected and seemingly random memories that, while I’m not sure why these particular ones have been edified as the representative snapshots, manage to paint a picture of who I was and the world I was growing up in.

Grow. Mature. Let all in your life become relative; your joy, your pain, your love. Remember where you came from and be intentional in the story you’re writing right now.

Relative – Matt Gemmell