Icarus Proudbottom’s World of Typing Weekly

In what is perhaps the silliest – and smile inducing – news I’ve heard in a while, the fantastic Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing is being expanded into a weekly, episodic series.

“When we’re done with you, your fingers will be like gods.“

If you’ve never heard of Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing, it’s a brilliant little piece of "edutainment.” Led by Icarus Proudbottom and his 2000 year-old spirit owl pal, Jerry, you are led through numerous typing exercises which is wrapped up in an exceedingly silly, increasingly dark, story. You really do need to play it for yourself, so I won’t spoil any more if it here. It’s entirely original and executed wonderfully.

It’s great news to hear that Icarus is being expanded into a (free) weekly series. The plot – bet you never expected to hear that about a typing game – has Icarus finding himself wrapped up in a Twin Peaks inspired murder mystery. The first episode isn’t quite as strong as the original game, but that’s somewhat expected. The series is planned to run for 5 episodes and looks set to get just as crazy as the original game. That is, without question, a good thing.

Icarus Proudbottom’s World of Typing Weekly is made by Holy Wow Studios and is all the better if you were forced to endure Mavis Beacon in grade school.