Apple’s Commitment to Customer Privacy

Naysayers will argue that this is all corporate speak but the reality is that this is why I trust Apple more than pretty much any other tech company: they take their customer’s privacy seriously.

There have been many examples of Apple protecting customer privacy in the last several years. Perhaps one of the most high-profile events of the last couple years was Apple’s removal of Google Maps from iOS 6. No question Apple wanted a piece of that pie, but Apple isn’t dumb and I fully believe that they knew they had a mapping product that had better flash but worse substance than Google’s product. So why did they push out a sub-par product?

Google wanted more information about the people using their product.

Now Google’s entire business is centered around knowing as much as possible about those using it’s services, so it makes sense that they would want more data from a very large user base. Apple decided, in the best interest of their customers, to move to their own sub-par service. It cost the company dearly, and they still have a long ways to go in the mapping department, but I respect them for going out on the line to protect their customers.

Apple’s Commitment to Customer Privacy