I BRAVEHEART: Why The Office is a scary place.

When she breaks down talking about the terrace she’s always dreamed of, we know she isn’t just talking about a terrace. She’s also talking about Jim. But more importantly, she’s talking about a more fulfilling life, one where he would be only one of many people around her who gets what she’s about. Her public declaration to Jim in “Beach Games” is electrifying because she finally stops qualifying and hedging and backing away. She just speaks her deepest truth, and it enflames her. It took her “three years to summon the courage” to acknowledge her feelings for Jim. It is taking her much longer to take a chance on herself.

Erika Schmidt, Why The Office is a Scary Place

An excellent article looking towards the end of The Office. It articulates what in particular made the show so good, and why it’s struggled over the last couple seasons. Hopefully they can focus for the last stretch and recapture the earthy, rooted human side to show that made it so excellent to watch in the earlier seasons.

I BRAVEHEART: Why The Office is a scary place.