A rare post has appeared!

Changes are coming, starting with a new theme for this site. I’ve switched to the wonderful Ashely theme, which is fully responsive so I don’t need to have a separate mobile site. I’ll be making some modifications soon to allow for comments again and a few other small enhancements and tweaks, but this is an excellent groundwork to start with.

I’ve been wondering for a while what exactly to do with this blog. I don’t feel the need to share too many personal things, especially with the advent of tools like the fantastic Day One that have enabled me to log all the details of life off instead of online.

There are a lot of things I find interesting though. A Weather Moment has become my primary outlet for weather-related posts. Head over there if you live in the Red River Valley and want the best weather site money can buy1. So from here on out this site is going to be a mixture of original posts, photos, and links with commentary. I’m not going to try and limit it to one topic too heavily, as I figure there’s probably other people out there with relatively the same interests as me, but suffice to say, much of the content will probably revolve around:

  • Cool video/photography-related things
  • General Apple (Mac & iOS) news, reviews and thoughts
  • General tech industry stuff
  • The occasional video game-related thing
  • Whatever else comes across my path that I feel is particularly worth sharing

I’m going to do my best to curate things into a relatively cohesive whole. The big change will be the shift from this being a personal blog (although it will be occasionally!) into a content blog.

  1. Bonus: it’s free!