Instapaper Styles+ for Google Chrome v0.9 Released

Today I’m releasing my Instapaper Styles+ Google Chrome Extension. Installing this extension will add six new fonts and two new colour schemes to your reading view in Instapaper!

Screenshot 1


Currently, the extension includes six new fonts: 4 serif and 2 sans-serif. They are:

  • Bitter (Heavier serif; magazine-like)
  • Cabin (Natural sans)
  • Calluna (Beautiful serif, great for long-form)
  • Lato (Slightly more formal sans than Cabin)
  • Mate (A slightly older-feeling serif than Calluna)
  • PT Sans (A great sans-serif similar to the heavily used Proxima Nova)

I find each of these fonts provide excellent readability depending on your personal preference. My two favourites are probably Calluna and Lato, although if I knock the font size down one, I really enjoy Bitter. If anyone knows of a free font similar to FF Tisa, I’d love to know about it! Unless people really like Bitter, I’d replace it with that.

Screenshot 2

Color Schemes

This extension adds two colour schemes to Instapaper:

  • Light Alternative: This is a pure dark on light B/W scheme with high contrast.
  • Dark Alternative: This is a slightly lighter dark theme than the new standard, which provides a relatively low-contrast display rooted in blues.

To Come

While not expanding on fonts, I will likely continue to refine the selection. I’ve been testing the current selection for a couple weeks now and find it adds a nice variety to the site. At least two more colour schemes are on the way, as I find time to get them done.

Download Instructions

Simply download the Google Chrome Extension file and double click it. From this point on, the extension will auto-update.

Download Now

Feel free to leave comments or questions below.