A preview of my Instapaper Styles+ Safari extension. I wanted to learn a little more about extensions, so I thought why not try making one for one of my favorite websites.

Instapaper (http://www.instapaper.com) is a free web service similar to Read It Later or Readability. It’s far more functional than either of those two sites and has a killer iOS app. While I completely respect and admire Marco Arment’s desire to keep the site as basic as possible when it comes to it’s style (in fact, I’d say that’s one of the things that emphasizes the reading and functionality of the site), I personally would like a bit of flair and choice.

This extension in it’s current incarnation adds 6 more font choices to Instapaper. 4 serifs: Calluna, Merriweather, Museo and Poly. 2 sans-serifs: Lato and Open Sans. Each of these fonts provides excellent readability and offers a bit more diversity depending on personal preference. I love Calluna and Lato.

It also adds 3 new color schemes: an alternate light scheme that’s slightly higher contrast than the default, an alternate dark theme that’s a bit lighter than the default and brings in some blues, and a in progress ‘paper’ theme. I love the new alternate dark theme (pictured above).

I plan on releasing Version 0.5 of the extension in the coming week as a wide-scale beta version with a 1.0 release shortly after I confirm no bugs on a wider set of systems!