Getting Productive…

Dropped some money today on the MAS and the iOS App Store. Been trying out a few apps lately and found they help me keep on top of life…

Day One

Day One for Mac and iOS

Perhaps one of the most elegant journaling solutions I’ve found. Pen and paper simply doesn’t work for me…I lose them, forget it, ruin it, can’t find something to write with…you name it. Other journaling applications for the computer always present me with a big blank page to journal on, this makes me freeze up, feeling guilty if I don’t have more than one or two sentences to write.

Day One solves all these problems. It uses iCloud or Dropbox to sync across my devices, so I always have my whole journal with me no matter where I go. You can enter your journal entries on your computer through either a normal application window or a spiffy little drop-down box from the menu bar. This alleviates my guilty conscience! I can easily fill up that little drop-down box with a couple sentences. The app is also structured so that it can elegantly handle multiple entries per day. The layout of this application encourages you to enter something, anything! each day whether it be one sentence or a small essay. This app scales to handle each elegantly. You can also set reminders each day, so the small box will pop up for you to enter something. The iOS version is just as elegant and ensures that no matter what, I’ll have my journal and the ability to enter new stuff in it no matter where I am.

I’ve been trying it out for a bit now and, well, it works. I’ve always wanted to, but I find that I’m actually journalling every day. And that’s perhaps the greatest endorsement I can give it.

Agenda Calendar

Agenda Calendar for iOS

This handy little app integrates seamlessly with the iOS calendar, and thus, my computer’s calendar. What it does above and beyond is display your schedule and upcoming task better than any other app I’ve used. As soon as I open it, I get an at a glance view of the next several days. It supports your iCal, iCloud, and Google calendars. It enables me to stay on top of what my schedule is like and gives me a heads-up on how my time is divide up. It’s also beautiful and quite elegant with it’s intuitive swiping controls.

Back in Black

Back in Black Budget for iOS

This handy little app utilizes the envelope method for budgeting. I’ve set up my budget for fixed and variable expenses, enter my income as I get it, and then enter in our purchases right after we make them. Entering an expense is super-fast, which is crucial in these sorts of things. Fast & easy = I’ll actually use it. This keeps tabs on my spending very well, and each week I transfer things into a spreadsheet I’ve made on my computer. The only thing missing is sync between devices, but it’s probably the best budgeting app I’ve used on the iPhone.

There you have it. 3 apps I’ve but through the paces and can highly recommend. They genuinely are helping me get better at managing my thoughts, my time, my money and my life!