A Great Weekend

This past weekend, T and I headed out with our family to Red Rock Lake in the Whiteshell for a couple days.  T and I drove out with her brother and sister, and we met her parents out at the cabin we would be staying at for the weekend.

It was a relatively quick drive, at only a little under 2 hours.  It surprised me quite a bit (as I’ve never been to the Whiteshell before) how quickly the terrain changed.  In the Red River Valley, there are very few trees and it is very, very flat.  As you head east, it turns from Prairie to scrubland fairly quickly.  And then, rather abruptly, there are big rocks stick out all over the place and you’re in a forest.  It’s quite a beautiful drive and was something that made me simply feel good about life.

We got to the cabin and unpacked and got supper ready, as it was already shortly after 7PM.  We ate, and then got things ready for the night.  T and I got to sleep in the boathouse by the lake.  Our room had an absolutely gorgeous view:

On Saturday morning, we had breakfast and then as a whole family we went out for a walk before lunch to go geocaching.  We picked one that was nearby, and off we went.  After doing some bushwhacking, we found the cache in a beautiful place that we never, ever would have come across if we hadn’t decided to go geocache.  After trekking through the woods, we came upon this large rock shield.  We climbed up and across it, following our compass towards the cache, and then made our way down one side of this large rock, dropping about 30 feet down a small ledge.  At the bottom, a large crevasse in the rock opened up and there was a little cave series there.  It was gorgeous and worth the trip.

After finding the cache and leaving our name, we headed back home, had lunch, and then just hung out for a little while.  After that, we headed out to find a trail to hike, and after a bit of detouring, went to an area near a waterfall and just generally explored the area.  We headed back to the cabin after that and had some quiet time before dinner.  We broke up and some went exploring during this time and some just hung out.  I got the BBQ fired up and cooked tasty vegetable skewers made by T and cooked steaks brought by her parents.  We all ate together and had a good time, and then played Dutch Blitz into the evening.  After that, we made a fire and had smores and good conversations.

On Sunday morning, we all had breakfast together, and then T and I went canoeing on the lake.  We went to Red Rock Island and explored there, then headed back a ways and stopped to explore a huge rock outcrop.  We then hopped back into the canoe and headed back to the cabin.  We all had lunch together, and then cleaned and packed up and headed back home.

It was a really great weekend that, while I’m tired today, was very refreshing and a lot of fun.  Spending time with the family was great and getting a chance to spend time in the outdoors was wonderful as well.  Maybe, just maybe, T and I will do it a few more times in our days.