So Trish and I have now been in Maryland for a few days.  It’s been very busy thus far, getting everything ready for the wedding, but a lot of fun.  One thing that strikes me is how hot it is here.  The only odd thing about it is that, well at least so far, it hasn’t really been sunny.  It’s a little bizzare to me for the temperature to be 32°C under cloudy skies.

That being said, it’s supposed to clear out and be sunny and about 35°C for the wedding tomorrow.  On Friday Trish and I are going to kiss deadlines goodbye and see the city of Baltimore (we’ve heard the Aquarium is a great visit).  On Sunday we plan to go to a church somewhere, and then start the long drive back home.  We’ll take it at an easy pace and see the sights along the way, which will be a nice change from the grind of a drive to make it out here.

And it’ll be nice to get a bit of a break from the heat and humidity.  But I keep telling myself that it’s not that bad 🙂