What’s the point, really?  I just don’t get it.  I mean, I have a twitter account, but it’s more or less to push blog updates through another venue that others use.

As far as I can see, Twitter is a glorified public text messaging service.  Only it’s pointless.  There isn’t the structure or organization of something like Facebook, there’s very little actual content (most things worth knowing end up just being a link away from Twitter), and there’s no good setup to develop any sense of community.   At least with Facebook, even if you have no friends, you can play Farmville.

It seems to me that if you don’t really know anybody on Twitter, there’s absolutely no incentive to use it.  Blogs get around that problem because there’s worthwhile content on some blogs.  Being able to consume quality content can minimize the need to have a relationship with the blogger.

Also, Twitter, out of all modern social networking, has the most minimal ability to create content.  This severely limits the quality of the content.  It seems like people know this to some degree, and that most people are playing the “Twitter game” simply because it’s this neat thing that’s super popular and since it’s popular you need to get on the Twitter bandwagon.

At best, all I can see Twitter succeeding as in it’s current incarnation is a content aggregation tool.  Unfortunately for Twitter, I can hear from my friends on Facebook and I can get real content worth reading on Google Reader.

Lastly, I can’t even see Twitter lasting as it’s structured now.  It already has remarkable downtime; this is evidence of the cost of running such a busy, large site.  They haven’t figured out a successful way to monetize it, yet, and that’s critical.  They need to develop a stronger business model if they’re going to endure.

All that being said, I will acknowledge the importance of Twitter in situations such as the last Iran election.  It was instrumental in the world discovering out what’s happening, and I can see Twitter succeeding as a method to spread late breaking news.  The problem with that would and will always be that people lie, exaggerate, and the fact that a majority of the people using Twitter are not trained journalists, any news that breaks on the site will always have to be taken with a grain of salt until there is enough correlated supporting evidence.

Why do you use Twitter?  How did you get a following?  Do you even have a following, or do you just follow?