John Mayer @ The Winnipeg MTS Center

On this past Wednesday, April 7th, Trish and I had the pleasure of going to see John Mayer live at the MTS Centre here in Winnipeg.  It was a great concert, but first, a story.

Trish and I had gotten tickets from my parents for Christmas.    We were very glad to receive them and we decided to make the whole afternoon and evening a fun date.  We spent some time hanging out in the afternoon, and then headed over the Eat! Bistro for a tasty bite to eat before the concert.  After that delicious dinner, we headed over towards the library, got Trish a card, and checked it out.  We ran into a friend writing a paper, so we chatted with them a bit too.  After a little while we walked over to the MTS Center to head in and get our seats.

We arrived about 40 minutes before the concert was scheduled to begin.  We were really looking forward to the whole thing; although we were worried that we’d have to sit next to a similar person to what we did at the Coldplay concert: someone whose idea of enjoying a concert is having 12 lousy stadium beers.  Fortunately, as people came in beside us, we found that we were sitting next to some teens, so that was a bit of a relief.

We were killing time chatting with each other and watching people, when this lady came up to our row and asked if we were all together.  One of the teenagers replied that we weren’t.  Trish’s keen eye noticed that she was wearing an “All-Access” badge on her hip and promptly encouraged me to get into the conversation.  She asked if we liked John Mayer, which I thought was a little bit of a redundant question to ask at a John Mayer concert.  We all mentioned yes and that we were really looking forward to seeing him play.  She asked us what our favorite songs were and we all took turns letting her know which and why we like them.

Trish and I were thinking that we could maybe get a chance to meet John after the concert, so we were trying to come up with super-great answers that would far surpass what anyone 10 years younger than us could come up with.  I felt rather clever for including John Mayer’s fantastic cover of Jimi Hendrix’s Bold As Love as one of my favorite songs, unlike one of the young guy’s response of “Free Fallin’."  Although I will admit that it is a very good cover of a classic Tom Petty song.

Rather unexpectedly, however, the lady quickly changed tone and and informed us that she was the "ticket fairy."  And that her job was to give good tickets to people who have "bad tickets."  She then proceeded to take out a handful of tickets, and gave each of us front row seats.  Trish and I got seats 13 and 14, which were nearly right in the middle of the front row.  We could barely believed that it happened.  So we got our stuff and headed down to the floor and up to the very front.

It was a great concert; Michael Franti & Spearhead were great openers with a lot of energy, and John played a good mix of pop, blues, and acoustic stuff, both new and old.  It was a little surprising how little John Mayer interacted with the crowd, especially after how much Michael Franti & Spearhead did (to the point where they got people from the crowd up on the stage to dance.)  But John played a great guitar and great songs and the little quips he did say here and there were funny.

All in all it was a great concert and a whole lot of fun.  It was an unexpected surprise to be moved up to the front row, and Trish and I got to experience one of my favorite artists in a way that not many people do.

If you’re on Facebook, I’ll have photos of the concert up from our sweet vantage point, check them out!