Introducing Weather Central: Mobile

Introducing the best way for Canadians to get trusted weather forecasts while on the go:

Weather Central: Mobile ( )

A brand new website designed for current-generation smartphones, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and touchscreen-enabled Blackberries.  Built from the ground up to cater to these new touchscreen devices, Weather Central: Mobile gives users all of the weather information they want without clutter.  Upon loading, the Current Conditions and Short-Term Forecast are shown.  Beneath these are several other headers whose content can be revealed with a simple tap.  As an added bonus, the site will enhance itself if you are accessing it from a desktop computer.

We support many cities across Canada, and are adding more all the time.  Currently, almost all major and minor cities across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are supported.  A significant portion of the major cities in Southern Ontario up to the Ontario/Quebec border are supported as well.

The page will load Winnipeg, MB as a default.  If you are coming from another city, “Choose Another Location” is located under the links section, and a full list of supported cities can be seen there.  If you find that your city is not supported, please use the option to contact us and let us know.

This mobile website provides ample information, whether you just want to know what it’s like outside right now or you eat, sleep, and breathe weather.  Tapping into the large supply of weather products produced by Environment Canada, we provide the following features:

  • Current Conditions
  • Short Term Forecast (24 hours)
  • Extended Forecast (24 hr. to Day 7)
  • Enhanced Satellite Imagery
  • Radar Imagery (Can Animate)
  • Current Warnings in Parent Province

In addition to these features, we also offer:

  • Severe Weather Reporting: If you are in the Prairies, we have an easy to use severe weather reporting tool that will send your reports straight to meteorologists at Environment Canada.  Public feedback is a critical role in the ability to forecast severe weather on the Prairies, and our reporting form, with it’s capabilities to auto-fill contact info and the ability to leverage available GPS coordinates make this one of the easiest ways to let your forecasters know what’s happening in your area.
  • Official Weather Discussion: The FOCN45 is a bulletin produced twice a day by forecasters at Environment Canada.  This bulletin provides insight into the weather happening across the Prairies and Arctic and is a relatively easy read for people who would like to know a little more about the thinking behind their forecast.
  • Official Model Discussion: The FXCN01 is a bulletin produced by forecasters who deal with the GEM Regional model at Environment Canada.  This bulletin gives an analysis of the performance of Canada’s models and compares their performance to several other models run worldwide that cover North America.
  • A short page that helps educate users how to properly interpret radar imagery.  This is courtesy Environment Canada
  • Links to more radar imagery and satellite loops.
  • Links to webcam imagery across the prairies.  This section will be expanded as time goes on to eventually cover the country.
  • Links to provincial road condition pages.

We strive to continue to expand the area of support for this page, and to continue to enhance the page and add more features.  We value any feedback users wish to give either here in the comments or submitted through the link on Weather Central: Mobile.