15 Minutes at a Time

They say that where you spend your money reflects on your priorities in life.  But what about how you choose to spend your time?  Days often race by and we’re back in bed at the end of the day before it feels like it’s actually started.

Two friends of mine, Shaun and Scott (links to their respective blogs), have decided to challenge this.  For this week, they’re keeping track of what they do each day in 15 minute increments.  It’s interesting to see habits slowly show up and how often it seems like we don’t actually do that much in a day.   Check them out and see what they think about how they’re spending their days.

If I were to do this, I think it’d be drastically different from Scott or Shaun in a fundamental way: when I work, I work.  My shifts are 12.25 hours long, so on a work day, including travel, I’m not home for about 13 hours.  Not much else goes into the day other than catching up on life with my wife.  On the flip-side, I often have 3-4 day stretches where I don’t work at all.  Feast or famine I suppose.

How about you?  How do you spend your time?  Are there things you wish you didn’t spend so much time on?