One of my favorite Lost exchanges:

Ben: What did she say to you Jack?
Jack: Nothing that matters. Who is she? Why is she helping us? How does she know all this?
Ben: Thomas the Apostle. When Jesus wanted to return to Judea knowing that he would probably be murdered there, Thomas said to the others, “Let us also go that we might die with him.” But Thomas was not remembered for this bravery. His claim to fame came later, when he refused to acknowledge the resurrection. He just couldn’t wrap his mind around it. The story goes that he needed to touch Jesus’ wounds to be convinced.
Jack: So was he?
Ben: Of course he was. We’re all convinced sooner or later, Jack.
Jack: Where are you going?
Ben: Oh, I made a promise to an old friend of mine; just a loose end that needs tying up. See you at the airport, Jack.