One Wedding And A…uh Just One Wedding

Wow.  Sorry for the relative lack of updates, or maybe more specifically the lack of original content.  I’ve been pretty good at re-posting things I’ve found during my down time here and there that I think are pretty, funny, or thought-provoking.

The truth is, between working and planning a wedding, there isn’t too much time for anything else.  It’s fantastic work; I’m very excited that I have the absolute priveledge of helping out in planning a wedding.  Even more priveledged that I get to plan it with Trish.  And even more priveledged that it’s my own one!  It’s all fantastic and a lot of fun.  Sure, stressful from time to time, but it’s all worth it.

And work.  I’m back to regular rotations at work which leaves me a little less free time for construction of thoughts.  However, here are some high points of the past month or so of my life:

  • I got engaged!
  • I got engaged!
  • I got engaged!
  • I went storm chasing and saw a lot of pretty amazing storm structure, but no tornado.  Still a great trip and you can see a video of the trip here.
  • Went to a small-town parade at the Sunflower Festival in Altona.  I now have enough sunflowers for snacks at work for the next year.
  • Got kicked off an old bridge by the fire department.  It was a close brush with “the law."  You can see some pictures from that day here and here.
  • Had a fun BBQ evening with bible study people where Trish and I got to show off that we were engaged and got a lot of helpful advice with wedding planning.  Also just had a lot of fun with some great people.
  • Did a fun couple hour photoshoot with one of Trish’s friends for engagement photos.  If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you’ll be able to see them soon-ish 🙂
  • Had the opportunity to play guitar at St. Benedict’s Table, which was really last minute but worked out really well.  I am and was very thankful for the opportunity to serve in that way in the community there.

I’m sure there was more, but the reason I’m typing this now is because I wasn’t quite tired enough for sleep, but now I am so my train of thought is slowing.

Life has been very good lately.  Very good.  This wedding stuff is a little foreign but a lot of fun, and something I’m happily giving my time to.  I look forward to all of it.  And I’ll try to find time to write some original stuff, but expect more along the lines of pictures, TEDtalks, and things I blantatly copy from Scott’s site 🙂