Science Fiction and Religion

I recently read two very different articles addressing the genre of science fiction and it’s relationship to religion.

The first article seems to come to the conclusion that a lot of science fiction is created with intention to give people something to invest religious beliefs on.  That science fiction can be a beacon for people’s metaphysical beliefs about our place in the universe.  This article bothered me for two reasons.  First because the article seems to be steeped in the vocabulary of a “science versus religion” mindset and secondly because underneath my skin it just doesn’t sit right to assume that something with “fiction” in the title to be attempting to convert the readers or viewers of it.

The second article sat a bit better with me, and generally talks about how a lot of science fiction parallels the Christian story and then goes on to address how science fiction as a genre seems focus in on politics from time to time.  Overall, it talks about exploring topics that can be difficult to talk about in ways that are easier to grasp.  This article sat a bit better with me, but I felt like it was really stretching for some of the connections referenced at times.

So, what do you think?  Science Fiction: the construction of a religion or a method of opening up conversation and thought on difficult topics?