What Do YOU Think About Windchill (or Staring at Excel for Hours)

In the “This is good news” category:

I’ve finally been given a project at work.  This past winter, our office issued something like 850 windchill warnings.  This would seem to indicate that it might not exactly be a rare event.  Currently, our windchill warning criteria for the Southern Prairies is:

A windchill of -40°C or colder with a wind 15km/h or greater.

For the Northern Prairies it varies between -40°C and -50°C with the same wind speed.  In the Arctic, one requires a windchill of -55° to receive a warning.

But!  850 in a winter.  Too many.  So a coworker and I will be compiling windchill statistics for many, many places covering pretty much as much data as we can get our hands on (which for most places is 50 years or so) to see if windchill warning-level events are actually as common as they seem or if this winter was a fluke.  In the end, this could result in us coming up with some recommendations to improve the warning criteria, which would be pretty cool!

But I’m just happy to finally have a project!