So Where Have I Been?

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here.  I’ve been able to put up the occasional picture and such, but life has been increasingly busy the past while.

The biggest news of the past while was a road trip with Trish.  We drove from Winnipeg to Regina and stayed with her friends Sharlyn (spelling?) and Shae.  We played some frisbee outside the museum on the park grounds, went to Starbucks for coffee, and then packed in for the night.  The next day we drove to Calgary where Trish had a course and I had not nearly enough time to visit as I would have liked.

I went up to Edmonton mid-week to get some visiting in, then picked Trish up at the end of the week and took her to Edmonton for the weekend to see some of where I grew up.  It was pretty good all around, I think.  We then got up absurdly early on Monday morning to do the Edmonton to Winnipeg drive in a single day.  That’s a lot of driving.

It was a good trip all around; it was good to visit Edmonton and see people and visit.  It’s interesting that it’s still “home,” but it doesn’t necessarily feel like home any more.  I think that means I’m ready to make my own home and move in.  It’s kind of nice in a way.  Trish and I also had some fantastic conversations while driving and I think our relationship came out stronger from it.  Good all around!  I had a lot of fun and it was good to have a bit of a vacation.  Now back into the swing of things and real life…