I haven’t been this busy since I moved.  I’m exhausted, but in a really good way.  And I’m definitely going to try to get to sleep a little earlier tonight so I can recover a bit.

To summarize in a rather quick fashion, my last week has been:

Monday I took my car in first thing to get an oil change/12,000km check up, then walked back to Osbourne Street to meet Jamie (the Priest from St. Benedict’s Table) for breakfast and a chat.  He bought me breakfast (which was tasty!) and we had a really good chat that’s helped me put things in perspective.  Monday evening I had a rehearsal with some professors from the U of M to provide them with a guitar for Tuesday night.

Tuesday Jason and I felt like kicking the winter blues so we went out to the Golf Dome and each hit about 4 buckets of balls.  Magically, I can now hit my woods and that makes me anxious to get out on the course and see how much better my game gets.  I met Father Brett (priest from St. Aidan’s) for coffee in the evening and we had a good chat, then I raced home to eat and got picked up and headed down Osbourne to the Park Theatre to play at the Law Student’s fundraiser/social.  That was a pretty fun evening; I got to play with some really, really talented musicians and learned a lot.

Wednesday During the day I worked on a paper at work, then in the evening had a couple people over for Literary Night and then went over to Dave’s place with him to watch Lost.  Theory: Ben appeared very beat at some docks a few episodes ago: did he go after Penny to get revenge on Whitmore and get Desmond back to the island?

Thursday Worked and then went out to Trish’s place for supper and to hang out and read a bit.  It was a nice evening.

Friday Worked (followed up on a freezing rain event) and then watched all these cool ideas for a date in the evening with Trish fall apart.  At least now I have some cool date ideas for later!  We both ended up being really tired, so we went out for Greek Food (which was very tasty), then got ingredients to make a soup in my slow cooker for me to eat this week and then we hung out and chatted and watched The Office.

Saturday Went out to Trish’s for the afternoon to practice some music for Sunday; got lots done.  Came back in, threw together a salad and headed out to a potluck for the evening.  Met some new people (seem nice!) and watched a pretty good movie, actually, called Amal.

Sunday Drove out and picked Trish up, then we went to St. Adolphe and led worship.  I think the people there appreciated it, but we had plenty of critique for ourselves; it wasn’t the best we could have done.  But God works in cool ways and it was enough.  Had lunch there and then came back into the city and got some bubble tea, watched Top Gear and I walked Trish over for her practice in the evening.  I came home, chatted with my mom, and then headed back to St. Ben’s for the evening service which was pretty good.

Monday Back on a rotation; ready to be able to enjoy time alone again and relax in spare time.  This past week has put a lot of new perspective on things and re-centered my view on life.  I see what I do and what I enjoy and what I’m getting involved in and what I can give and I’m happy with my place at the moment.  Life is good.  And now, a little bit of time to unwind and off to bed.