Guitar: check.

As of yesterday I have my guitar back and working.  A lot of little things have been done to it over the past week, and now she plays great.  The original plan, way back in November, was to simply fix whatever made the thing too quiet when plugged into a system/amp.  It was quickly narrowed down to something being wrong with the pickup.  However, during the search, it was also discovered that the soldering job on the output jack left a lot to be desired and could be adding to the problem.  The guitar repair guy also noted that the bridge was beginning to separate from the body.

I had mentioned before that he had gotten in touch with B-Band (the people who make the pickup system in my guitar), and they said that they’d send a new pickup for free.  Well, much to everyone’s surprise, they did.  So the guitar had the new pickup installed, the output jack re-soldered, and the bridge removed, cleaned, and reglued.  Piece of cake.

But of course there had to be a problem.  Two of the strings were noticeably louder when plugged in.  As in, too noticeable to play it properly loud.  We searched around for a bit, and he decided to try sanding down the slot where the saddle sits (I don’t know the technical name for it).  Turns out that there was a slight bow before he sanded it, which was causing part of the pickup to have more pressure applied to it than the other areas.  The sanding fixed that and evened out the sound.  We also put a shim on the saddle to raise the action a little bit.

So I have my acoustic back now.  All that’s left for me to do is change the strings this morning.  Now with a new pickup, re-soldered output jack, fixed bridge, sanded saddle slot, and raised action.  I also have another new toy related to my acoustic guitar…but that’s for another post.