laptop woes


Using my laptop today, I noticed that the button on the trackpad was feeling mushy and lacking the “click” feel you get with, well, most buttons.  First thing that came to my mind ended up being the right reason.

Last year I had to phone Apple to get a replacement battery shipped to me because my laptop battery was beginning to swell, and well I didn’t want my laptop to blow up in my house and burn down everything I own.  The replacement battery they sent me, well over the past few days it’s managed to swell even more than my original battery did.  I’ve taken it out and am keeping it in a safe place for now, but that sure is frustrating.  And to top it off: today’s a stat holiday so I can’t get a hold of Apple Support.  Oh well, tomorrow I’ll give them a call and I’m sure they’ll send me a box with a new battery in it.