a different christmas

I’m not going to expound too much on this right now, simply because I haven’t decided how I feel about the whole thing.

Christmas this year was different.  Very different.  Mainly because:

  • Hard to feel like Christmas when you’re working all the time through it and live alone
  • First Christmas away from home
  • A combination of bad weather and what seems like a complete lack of management skills prevents your family from being together for it.

I was lucky enough to be able to get my dad here to Winnipeg on Christmas eve, and sent him back to my mom who was unable to get here on Christmas day morning.  All in all he was here for less than 18 hours, and I only got to talk to my mom on the phone.  It was very different.

Luckily I have other people in my life who can help me look at things differently and keep focused.  I am extremely thankful for them.

I’m back at work now, after a full rotation and two and a half days of being stressed and waiting and waiting and being stressed and watching flights get cancelled and waiting.

After a lot of thinking, introspection, prayer, and some reading of scripture, I think I’m okay with it all.  I was pretty disappointed about how it turned out, and it was only compounded by the stress and exhaustion.  I’ll get through the next couple days of work, and fully relax on my two days off before I have to go onto night shifts.

Maybe I’ll post sometime later about two things that I got for Christmas that at first I felt guilty about getting (they’re a lot of money), but have come to greatly appreciate since they will help me grow in some of the gifts I feel I’ve been given.