I’m blatantly stealing this from Joel’s (Tempest) blog because this is a great exchange about Canada and oil.  I laughed.  Spelling and punctuation is true to life.

VasyL‎‎ [10:56 AM]:
qucik fact question for you
how many acres has been minded in the oilsand to this date
note. area not volume
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [10:57 AM]:
hmmm, i don’t know
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [10:58 AM]:
approximatly 160 of those thousand
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [10:58 AM]:
160 acres?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [10:58 AM]:
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [10:58 AM]:
just under 650 km^2
is that open pit mining, or just cleared forest?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [10:59 AM]:
i think cleared forest
the footprint
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [10:59 AM]:
bah, that’s less meaningful
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:00 AM]:
not really
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:00 AM]:
have they included the reclaimed land?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:00 AM]:
animals wont chill in a striped zone
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:00 AM]:
yeah they do
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:00 AM]:
maybe a moose or two
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:00 AM]:
lots more than just a moose or two dude
it’s not the same amount that’d be chilling if the oilsands weren’t being mined, but there’s a lot of animals on site
it’s like they know they can’t be hunted on private land
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:01 AM]:
852 513.566 acres can be mined
according to canadaoilsands.ca
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:01 AM]:
well, we’re almost all the way to our total footprint then right?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:02 AM]:
i think we are at like 1/6 or something
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:02 AM]:
the world hasn’t ended, there’s still animals. we should be spending our time trying to figure out how to finish up these projects
how does that work?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:02 AM]:
man, if you have an idea how big jack pine mine is
then you know that we are no where near the footprint
that shit is huge
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:03 AM]:
what do you propose we do?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:04 AM]:
turn off the tap. runn the middle east out of oil. come back in a few years, make a killing and save the environment with new tech
and dissolve all the oil leases from all companies outside of canada
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:04 AM]:
um… really?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:04 AM]:
and create oil sands quest
give them all the land
make canadaians millionaires
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:04 AM]:
dude, that’s pretty extreme
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:04 AM]:
i like that plan
works for me
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:05 AM]:
who is going to finance all the existing mining operations if we boot out all the foriegn companies?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:05 AM]:
this is what happens
the a canadian collition buys 50% of a company. lets jsut say, BQI
then, the government dissolves all the oil plays.,
pays out the companies for the infrastructure (most of which they own anyway) and then says see you later.
everyone in the world is what the hell
syncrude stock. falls
suncor stock falls
shell stock falls
and everyon is like what the fuk is this country doing
world goes in to panic
talks of war is thrown around
canada says a big.
“chill out.”
next opening week
cnada says
“BQI owns all the land, they are going into production in 2 years after rejuvination of techy”
BQI stock goes from $1 to $100
done deal.
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:08 AM]:
that’s insane. here’s why:
1) canada doesn’t have enough money to pay off all the oil companies we’re going to get rid of. We don’t have the money to pay for that infrastructure
and all those companies are going to leave canada. no more shell, total, exxon, etc
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:10 AM]:
a few billion dollars
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:10 AM]:
2) we’re going to lose out on a lot of tax revenue due to these companies leaving
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:10 AM]:
1cent on the dollar
compared to 90 cents on the dollar
i will take that hit over two years
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:11 AM]:
3) We’ll be sanctioned by the international community. No more selling canadian lumber overseas
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:11 AM]:
you have to understand that all the profits from the oilsands leave the country
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:11 AM]:
no more importing the goods we need
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:11 AM]:
man everyone needs oil
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:11 AM]:
the profits do, but we still get a nice chunk from taxes
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:11 AM]:
we can jsut fuel the states and us
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:12 AM]:
the states is going to be the first country to say fuk you
we’ll never sell another thing there ever again
they’ll go elsewhere for oil
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:12 AM]:
then we store it in the ground
and then jsut wait
they will come around
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:13 AM]:
they’ll bankrupt the country before they need our oil
if you can’t sell ANYTHING to ANYBODY because you just pissed the whole world off, you’re not going to be able to just sit around for a couple DECADES before the world comes back asked for some of that oil
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:13 AM]:
no man, we will thrive on stockprices
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:14 AM]:
no one will invest in a country that just wakes up one day and says “we’re voiding all your contracts, get the hell out”
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:15 AM]:
this is by far one of the funniest conversations that i have ever had about the oil industry
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:15 AM]:
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:15 AM]:
b/c we both know that my plan is tight
but it would never work
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:15 AM]:
your plan is insane
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:15 AM]:
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:15 AM]:
it’d bankrupt the country, you’d turn us into haiti
probably worse
our reserves of oil aren’t important enough to use as a tool to rule the whole planets economy
in the end, you’d drive all foriegn investment out of canada
all of it
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:18 AM]:
start from scratch
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:18 AM]:
no one, anywhere would invest in canada if they know the government has absolute control of everything
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:18 AM]:
obviously the world econmomy is tanking
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:18 AM]:
it’s too late to do that
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:18 AM]:
now is the time
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:18 AM]:
wait till everything crashes
if there is no economy, then fine, convince the country to elect a totalitarian government and take complete control of everything
but damn, I’m leaving
i’d want to have nothing to do with your plan
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:20 AM]:
your jsut jelous
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:20 AM]:
the only thing your plan would do is save the environment
at the cost of human existance in this part of the world
although the great irony is that you’d probably weaken the country so badly that the US would just walk in and take control of everything
thus leading to the absolute raping of the environment
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:21 AM]:
this is when the bombs come out.
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:22 AM]:
we have no bombs
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:22 AM]:
so the genreal public thinks
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:22 AM]:
dude, North Korea tried this, have you looked at their country recently?
and they actually have bombs
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:22 AM]:
but no oil
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:22 AM]:
oil isn’t important enough
your communist is showing
how did you come up with this idea?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:25 AM]:
Den Norske Stats Oljeselskap A/S (Norwegian State Oil Company) was founded as a private limited company owned by the Government of Norway on 14 July 1972 by a unanimous act passed by the Norwegian parliament Stortinget. The political motivation was Norwegian participation in the oil industry on the continental shelf and to build up Norwegian competency within the petroleum industry to establish the foundations of a domestic petroleum industry. Statoil was required to discuss important issues with the Minister of Industry, later Minister of Petroleum and Energy. Statoil was also required to submit an annual report to the parliament.
sounds familar?
Petro-Canada was founded as a Crown Corporation in 1975 by an act of Parliament
The bill to create a publicly-run oil company was introduced by the New Democratic Party in 1973, Trudeau’s Liberals were then in a minority government and dependent upon the support of the NDP to stay in power. The idea also fit with Trudeau’s economic nationalism. The NDP and the Liberals passed the bill over the opposition of the Progressive Conservative Party led by Robert Stanfield.
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:27 AM]:
question: how much foreign investment in their oil reserves was already in place in Norway in 1972?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:28 AM]:
as much as petrocanada in 75
petro can
The company was given $1.5 billion in start-up money and easy access to new sources of capital.
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:28 AM]:
petro-canada is a dirty word in this city
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:28 AM]:
It was set up in Calgary, despite the hostility of that city’s population and existing oil firms
The company became popular outside Alberta as a symbol of Canadian nationalism. The federal government and Petro-Canada tried to reinforce this popularity nationwide (but especially in Calgary) through its prominent sponsorship of the city’s successful 1988 Winter Olympics bid. It quickly grew to be one of the largest players in the traditional oil fields of the west as well as in the tar sands and the East coast offshore oil fields.
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:30 AM]:
you want another NEP?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:30 AM]:
In 1990, the government announced its intention to privatize Petro-Canada and the first shares were sold on the open market in July 1991, at $13 each. The government began to slowly privatize the company, selling its majority control, but keeping a 19% stake in the company. No other shareholder is allowed to own more than 10%, however. Also foreigners cannot control more than 25% of the company.
During the first year, the value of the shares gradually dropped to $8 as Petro-Canada suffered a huge loss of $603 million, primarily because of the devaluation of some assets.
petro can worked when owned by the government
jsut as well as our police force and BC Hydro.
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:31 AM]:
i don’t know anything about BC Hydro
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:32 AM]:
well they are woened by the province and supply electricty to everyone
the are at the mercy of the public when putting in new dams
b/c they belong to the people.
it is an open dorr policy
there is no open door policy in the oil sector.
maybe an open door to the closet
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:33 AM]:
so you propose that we open up the oil industry completely
question: what do you do about private canadian companies like encana and husky?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:34 AM]:
you finally ask
they are canadian. they run the show. they run the company.
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:35 AM]:
what do you do about their foreign assets?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:35 AM]:
jsut call it. diversification
ole william isnt too crazy after all
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:36 AM]:
what do you do if their foreign assets are taken away from them without compensation?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:36 AM]:
sell them off for the profit.
before this goes down
start to mix up the markets
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:36 AM]:
you’re going to force canadian companies to sell their overseas assets?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:37 AM]:
jsut offer them more here
they can make their own desicions
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:37 AM]:
with what money?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:37 AM]:
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:37 AM]:
leases? explain.
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:37 AM]:
ole hudson bay style
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:38 AM]:
you’re going to sell land leases?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:38 AM]:
simply give them to them.
and take them away from total
et al.
it is brilliant.
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:38 AM]:
no it is not brillant
it’s short sighted and irresponsible
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:39 AM]:
imagine all those little colours as one colour
that is a lot of money
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:39 AM]:
who is going to buy our oil?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:39 AM]:
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:39 AM]:
what? You’re going to destroy our economy too jump into bed with a country with a terrible human rights record?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:40 AM]:
no. just increase trade
the world will come around
the will realize that canada is not a push over anymore
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:41 AM]:
Do you think china is going to buy oil from us after you just kicked their state-owned oil company out of the oilsands?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:41 AM]:
they will come around.
and who is that
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:41 AM]:
no they won’t
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:41 AM]:
who is owned by china
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:42 AM]:
and Sinopec
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:43 AM]:
that is investment not production
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:43 AM]:
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:43 AM]:
truely this has been fuin
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:43 AM]:
why is everything crossed out?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:44 AM]:
but i really need to get back to work
they are on to us
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:44 AM]:

also, did you know that StatoilHydro owns interests in the oilsands?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:45 AM]:
better than total
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:45 AM]:
how is that better?
the money is still leaving the country
what makes money going to Norway better than money going to France?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:47 AM]:
i think that we share closer boarder to norway than to frace.
and when we need the oil in like 50 years norway will have it
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:48 AM]:
you think they’ll sell you anything after you kicked their oil company out of the oilsands?
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:49 AM]:
for norway….
we will cut them a deal.
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:49 AM]:
‎‎VasyL‎‎ [11:49 AM]:
no one said i was good at foreign policy
‎‎Tempest‎‎ [11:50 AM]: