still alive…

I am still alive; I guess I just haven’t had too much to say lately.

Work was incredibly boring through the last rotation, there was practically nothing going on at all the whole time save for a blizzard in Hall Beach one night.  Other than that it was boooring.  I did discover that the iPod Touch has a pretty good battery for playing movies!  On my second night shift I watched Serenity, the newest episode of The 1Up Show, and two episodes of 30 Rock and I still had over half the battery left.  Technology.

The only real different thing in life is that I somehow managed to get myself a girlfriend.  This is really, really not something I was expecting.  There’s a lot of reasons and layers to that declaration, so lets just say that I really, truly didn’t expect it.  But God works in odd ways, and after a lot of prayer I felt it was the right direction to take things.

It wouldn’t surprise me whatsoever if my actions relating to all that have upset some people.  I sort of expect it to.  Somebody said to me the other day that I’m “might not be as high and mighty as I think.”  Other than being a little hurtful to hear, because I’m honestly not one to think like that, I understood what she was getting at.  There are people who probably have a low opinion of me right now.  There are people I have hurt.  I want these people to know that I’m sorry. There’s not an excuse for what happened (well there is, but it’s not a very good one), and I hope that sometime we can find a way to put this behind us.  I have come to terms with what has happened.  I have struggled with it, I have shed tears over it, and ultimately, I have given it to God so that He might do with it whatever it is He thinks is best.  But I still feel like I wish there was something I could do to mend things.

Other than that hiccup, I’m very happy with life right now.  Despite being boring at times, my job is great.  Trish is a very unexpected development, but the relationship is so…I don’t know the word for it.  Wholesome’s a pretty bad adjective to use for a relationship, but it’s how it feels.  I’m very happy when I spend time with her.

It’s a beautiful morning, however, and I’m going to go make myself a latte, put on a thick sweater and go stand on my balcony, crisp air on my face and in my lungs, and watch the city wake from it’s slumber.