Making Miniatures

So I today I decided to try out this new technique that seems to be all the rage right now: artificially blowing the depth of field of an image way out of proportion to make the focus of the picture seem like they’re miniatures.  It was fun, and I need to go out and get better images to play with, but here’s my first result from just playing around.

This is the source image I used:

Not the greatest image, but I figured it would do.  I cropped it a bit, and decided that I’d like the bus and the Shoppers Drug Mart to be the focus of the image.  So, I did the following:

  • Cropped the Image
  • Created a new channel in photoshop
  • Used a black-white gradient that exponentially decreased in the y-axis
  • Used the lens blur tool using the gradient channel as a mixer and tweaked the settings a bit

This is the result:

All in all I think it worked not too badly.  The enhanced depth of field definitely gives it a slightly more “toyish” appearance, but I’ll definitely have to get out there and find myself some, simply put, better pictures to do it on.

But hey, I’ve proved to myself that I’m capable of doing it!  Which is a good first step.