A Few New Features

I think I’m pretty much done updating things around here for now.  

First up, as you have probably already noticed, is that I have a new theme.  Apparently I can’t just stick with one look.  I really like how this is structured though, and I think it actually adds a bit of functionality, so it’ll probably stay for a while.

Second is the new search box on the left.  Over there you can put in anything your heart desires, and it will scour the contents of my posts to try and find you something to do with your query.  Handy since I’m starting to rack up quite a few posts and sometimes I want to find that one thing that I only vaguely remember from way back when.

Third is the new tag cloud.  This was a little tricky to get going, but it works pretty well now.  Secretly, behind all my readers backs, I’ve been tagging my posts (if you haven’t heard the term before, it’s like assigning keywords to a post) for a long time now.  What the tag cloud does is gather all my tags together, and then display them with larger font sizes for more frequently used tags.  This is neat to see what I post about the most.  Also, you can click on any tag to see all the posts with that tag assigned to them.  Handy!

And lastly, I’ve moved the radio player down to the very bottom, and added a few links to other sites.

I’m happy with the results!  If anybody reading this has any suggestions for the page, feel free to leave a comment.