Dear Self


Dear Self,

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately – but not in the same way as usual, so don’t get comfortable.

The fact is, you’ve heard some tough advice lately — and overheard some fairly inspirational perspectives — that need to be heeded.

Life is good. I need you to remember this, and be grateful.

Life is also under your control.  If you’re feeling unfulfilled, uninspired, unremarkable – change it.  But don’t mope. Don’t criticize the people you love most because it’s easier than prodding yourself onwards and upwards.  Cutting them down or illuminating their faults doesn’t do a single thing to assuage your own disappointments or uncertainties.

I’d like to see you concentrate a little more on the amazing, on the abundance, on the possibility.  Not just in the world – I’m not just talking about work, or family or love (though you do have a wealth and a privilege in those).

But I’m looking at you.  You tend to be the harshest critic – of everyone in your life and of yourself.  Wouldn’t it be a relief to cut them and you some slack? To start practicing a deep, sincere grace?

You don’t have to inspired every minute. You don’t have to act perfectly, work harder than everyone, make the right decision, be smarter than the guy next to you, look better than the girl on TV.  You don’t have to do it all right all the time.

I think part of you realizes that….but you can’t seem to stop punishing yourself when you set down those goals and relax.

Breathe. Laugh it off.  Expect less, appreciate more.  Fuck up and let it go. Let them be who they are and love them so much anyway.

Let yourself drift through when it doesn’t matter.

Have the determination and work ethic to stand up and chase what you want when it does matter.

Be Grateful. Be Graceful. Be good to yourself and those you love. Smile more, worry less, stop looking for someone to blame. Let it go and choose to be happy.  Work to be happy.  Leave petty behind.  Remember that your life is your message – even when you’re tired and snarky and insecure.  Send a purposeful message you can be proud of.

Be grateful. Be graceful.  Be faithful.

Change starts today – I know you can do it.

Love Always,

me (via beenthinking)