Lunchtime Theatre: Chicken-Salami Panini

Today we’ll make a tasty lunch that takes about 20 minutes in total to whip up once you get the recipe down.  The ingredients needed:

First, get the panini press heating.  Then, remove the membranes in the pepper and slice it into long strips.  Set three strips aside and chop the remaining strips into small squares.

Next, slice the tomato into a few thin slices.  Then, slice the bread at a large angle to create a two lunch-sized slices.

Put a little honey mustard on the bread, then layer the oven roasted chicken on top.  Slice the gypsy salami in half, then put on top of the chicken.

Grate half of the mozza and add to the sandwich.  Then put the slices of tomato on top.

Place the other slice of bread on top, and then put into the panini press.

Now, lets make the salad.  The ingredients:

Chop and dice the lettuce and cucumber into bite sized pieces.  Add a handfull of grape tomatoes. Grate the remaining cheese.  Throw it all together in a container, and add a salad dressing.  I recommend a honey-dill dressing, to offset the spiciness of the cheese and salami in the sandwich.

After 5-7 minutes, the panini should be done cooking.  You should be able to hear a bit of sizzling from the cheese and or meat.  Remove from the press.

Cut the sandwich in half along the short length, and put on plate.  Serve salad on plate, add a few small dill pickles as a garnish; they will compliment the dill dressing and also provide a smooth taste contrasting the spices.

Oh!  And don’t forget to pair it with your favorite beer.  A lunch of champions!