The Further Adventures of Antoine Feivel

This was the first of two plays I saw last night at the Fringe. I figure I’ll break them up, since thematically and emotionally, the two plays were starkly contrast.

This play was great entertainment. It was a one-man show, wherein he plays a Victorian-era man who teams up with Antoine Feivel, legendary detective, to solve a case of a man gone missing. The play is presented as if he is telling a story, recalling an adventure long past.
It was fantastic. The actor was a great storyteller, and was able to bend his techniques and be quick on his feet to incorporate the mood of the room (for better or worse). It was very funny, and even funnier when the play was hilarious and nobody in the room got it. A fantastic level of energy throughout the whole thing, an entertaining story, and a lot of humor, it’s a play that I can recommend that others see if you get the chance.

Of particular cleverness was how he rolled in “Canadian Politeness” to the story of the play. It was great. Especially when the Canadian character threw the birthday candles of a cake he took from a young child into the child’s face, to let his tears extinguish the flames. Haha, great stuff. Highly recommended!