Some Long Title About the Mall

The second play I saw had a very long title, that ended with something about accepting the mall.

It was interesting. It was, more or less, a 10,000 word poem about consumerism, materialism, and the mall’s role in those things. It was not really a…what would you call it…happy play. It was an hour of vocal torment (I mean the emotion was torment, the play itself was not torment). The author touched on a lot of important points, a lot of which I agreed with. It’s nothing I haven’t heard before, but the prose and flow in which it is presented is very unique.

You see, only about half the time did his poetry use rhyme. The other half, it was like…not phonetic poetry, but there was poetry in the flow of the words. The staccato, the drawn out, the quiet, the loud. It was a really neat thing to hear. The only thing more impressive was the fact that this guy spoke pretty much non-stop for an hour. He spoke a lot of words.

One thing still bothers me about it, though. While I agree with so much of what he said, I disagree on a fundamental level with how he presented it. I really got the impression that his platform used an assumption that the consumeristic, advertising, material culture we live in cannot be resisted. He ignored that people have the ability, the right, to think about what they’re seeing, to think about what is being presented to them, to think about what culture is telling them to do. We are not sheep. We have a right, and a responsibility, to think. I do not march blindly to the corporate drum. That doesn’t mean I don’t shop, and I don’t buy luxury items, I do. But I do not buy these things because I’m told to.

I don’t mean to give the impression that it was a bad play. It was not. It was fantastic. It had it’s weak moments, but they definitely did not detract from the whole. Another highly recommended from me!