You Think Your Grocery Prices are Bad?

Eric showed me this at work last night. Rising grocery costs are a hot topic nowadays, with everything from bread to rice to produce costs rising on what seems to be a daily basis.

All I can say is that if you think your grocery prices are bad, you can always be happy that you don’t live in Baker Lake, Nunavut. I need to preface this by ensuring you that these pictures are real. For serious.

That’s right, $5.49 for a single can of Chef B’s classic.

$23 for 12 cans of coke.

At least the no-name stuff is only $10 for 2L.

$4 for 1L of milk. $4 for one liter of milk.

They’re encouraging healthy eating! The healthy margarine is 6 cents less than the bad stuff!

$11.50 for ketchup.


$10.75/kg for red peppers. For the conversion, that’s about $5/lb.

Apples are what, like $1.40 a pound here? 3x as expensive in Baker Lake!

$6 and a quarter for a bag of chips.

That’s right. In Baker Lake, it’s fully possible to put like 4 typical weekly shopping items in your cart and your total could already exceed $100. Think about that next time you’re paying $8 for a bag of rice.