Viva La Vida

I’ve had some time now to listen to Viva La Vida, the new album by Coldplay.

“Violet Hill” by Coldplay; Full Music Video

The album is definitely different then their past 3 albums. In many ways, however, it remains the same old Coldplay. Exploring new timbres and song structures, Coldplay tries very hard to do something new, but it remains a little too familiar.

In the very first song, Life in Technicolor, it is quicky apparent that this album is to be different. The slowly building synth that we all know Coldplay for is abruptly kick started by a satar, giving a unique middle-eastern flare. Unfortunately, many of the songs resort back to the same melodic falsetto that we’ve heard again and again on 3 other albums.

To boil it all down, if you like Coldplay, there’s no reason to not like this ablum. It’s musically tight, has some neat ideas, and is different enough from their previous efforts to provide something new. If you weren’t a Coldplay fan before, this probably won’t change your mind. 3.5/5