I went to St. Aiden’s Anglican Church today for both spiritual nourishment and with hopes of networking and meeting some people.  It turned out fairly well.  I found the service different from my old church, but with enough similarities to feel somewhat familiar and comforting.  At the end of the service, I asked the elderly couple next to me if they had been attending St. Aiden’s for very long, which of course led one thing to another and I told them I just moved here.  Well, they introduced me to another lady, who then introduced me to the guy in charge of the youth events.  I gave him my e-mail so I could hopefully hit some of those up.  Anyways, he introduced me to a few younger “young adults,” three people in their 1st-3rd year of university.  Then I was introduced to the priest, who upon hearing I’ve just moved here, got some people together and took us all out for lunch.

 So a morning at a new church led to a free lunch and meeting all sorts of people!  I’m really happy with how today went!