One day, maybe we’ll have a coffee. Maybe we’ll find out we have a lot in common, and then decide that we want to go on a date. Maybe we’ll see a movie, have dinner, and really hit it off. Maybe we’ll get into a relationship. Maybe one day you’ll tell me that you love me, and one day, I’ll tell you that I love you. Maybe one day we’ll get into a fight, and you’ll leave me. Maybe one day we’ll work through our problems and forgive each other, and get back together. Maybe one day we’ll get married, buy a house, and have kids. Maybe, one day, our greatest joy in life will be spending time with our grandchildren.

Maybe one day we’ll go have a coffee. Maybe it will be the worst time either of us have ever had, and we’ll spend more time checking our watch than listening to each other. Maybe you do things that I hate, and maybe I am completely unrelatable to you. Maybe we will never understand each other. Maybe we’ll never see each other again after that coffee.

And maybe, just maybe, each maybe in our life will turn into an experience. An experience where we can learn more about ourselves, about others. An experience where we can gain stories to tell, an experience where we can be tested and be proud of our actions, and most importantly, an experience we can share.