I Will Purchase LaCie Products In The Future (Or: Treating The Customer Right)

I thought I’d share this story with everyone because I get really excited when a company treats it’s customers well.  It’s far too rare these days to feel like you are valued as a customer who chooses a particular product from a particular company over somebody else’s products.

I own two LaCie external hard drives.  I bought a 320GB one last year for some additional storage for backups of my movies and photo editing, and I purchased a 500GB one this year to partition and dedicate to two things: 100GB for RAW photos, 400GB for Apple’s Time Machine incremental backup solution.

Both drives are quality drives and often available for pretty much the same price as you could build them yourself.  I’ve never had a problem with them, and they’ve been one of the best additions to a storage-limited laptop I could make.

The other week, due to what was potentially user error (the jury is still out on that one), I broke my 500GB drive (yeah, the one with the backups).  The power supply no longer supplied, and rather dedicated it’s time to making a slightly unsettling clicking noise whenever it had electricity coursing through it.  For some reason unbeknownst to me, it decided to use it’s power to click, not to run my hard drive.

So I went to LaCie’s customer support page, and found out that in order to ask for technical support, I first had to register my products that I own from them.  So I did, filled out the serial numbers, gave them my address and contact information.  I then submitted a support ticket explaining that the power supply stopped working, and that I was curious if there’s anything I can try to make it work or if it’s possible to get a new one.

Two days later, I recieved a response to my support ticket.  I shall quote it here for posterity:

Thank you for contacting LaCie Technical Support. We have shipped a replacement power supply and it should be to you shortly.

That was it.  I didn’t have to fight to get a new power supply, without hesitation they simply shipped me a new one.  Not only that, but I recieved it today and they shipped it using Purolator (an express courier service in Canada) so that I recieved it in under a week from the response to the support ticket.

I know a single power supply will cost them nothing.  The respect and speed they treat their customers with can only help them, and has definitely made me a stronger supporter of them as a company.  So, that’s all I have to say.  LaCie has a great support mandate and has made me, their customer, feel valued.  I will definitely purchase hardware from them again, and if you are looking for an external hard drive, I heartily recommend looking at their products.


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