New Car!

Well the day has finally come!

I used to drive a ’94 Honda Accord.  This vehicle easily had 450,000 km on it.  That’s a huge amount of distance for only 15 years.  It leaked oil like no tomorrow.  It was rusting.  The front skirt was falling off.  The fans did not work so it had no heat.  No radio.  No clock.  The engine made horrible noises.  Every time I drove it I was worried the thing was going to fall apart.

Out with the old and in with the new!

I finally got a new car.  I spent a lot of time test driving vehicles, and I setteld on the 2008 Mazda3 GS.

This thing is so nice.  It has everything the Honda was missing: a radio (complete with a jack to plug in my iPod), it has fans, power locks, power windows, power mirrors, heated mirrors, automatic headlights, automatic windshield wipers, good seats with lumbar support, air conditioning, alloy rims, and it looks great.  Sporting a 2.0L 146HP engine, it has a surprising amount of pep, if you hit over 3500rpm in 3rd, it -will- push you into your seat.

It rides very smooth, and when you start hitting corners stiffens up quite nicely and really gives you a strong connection with the road.  It grips tightly in turns.  I love the styling of the car, and the amount of thought and care put into the design of the whole thing.  The car is surprisngly roomy and comfortable for a compact as well.

Lots and lots of room to carry things, a comfortable ride, extremely well equipped for the price, and above all, fun to drive.  It’s a great car and I don’t feel I could have made a better purchase in my price range.  Also, something has to be said for the fact that the car just looks cool.  I’m a happy camper right now 🙂


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