A Little Calculus Humor


You + Me = …….?


Well, first things first.  Ellipses are a fancy mathematical way of saying "nothing, you retards."

So dMe + dYou = nothing.

Integrate over both sides…

\integral(dMe + dYou) = \integral(0) = 0

Of course, we need to find Me in terms of You.

Me(You) = 1/You  (I’m exponentially better off without you)
dMe/dYou = -1/You^2

dMe = -dYou/You^2

So we have

\integral(-dYou/You^2) + \integral(dYou) = 0
1/You + You = 0
-1/You = You
-1 = You^2
You = sqrt(-1) = imaginary

I have proven you out of existence.


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