A Note On Music

I’m currently finishing up This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin, and thus far I’m finding it an incredily interesting read.  Of note:

The story of your brain on music is the story of an exquisite orchestration of brain regions, involving both the oldest and newest parts of the human brain, and regions as far apart as the cerebellum in the back of the head and the frontal lobes just behind your eyes.  It involves a precision choreography of neurochemical release and uptake between logical prediction systems and emotional reward systems.  When we love a piece of music, it reminds us of other music we have heard, and it activates memory traces of emotional times in our lives.  Your brain on music is all about, as Francis Crick repeated as we left the lunchroom, connections.

It’s a really interesting look into how the brain functions, and I’ve definitely been enthralled in learning how we process music and why it is that we love it so much.  Great read if you’re looking for soemthing!


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