John Mayer Is Pretty Much The Best

It should be no secret to most people that I really like John Mayer.  To this day, I think his album Continuum may very well be one of the best albums I have ever heard, both instrumentally and lyrically.  If you haven’t listened through that album, you need to do so right now. Lately I’ve been on a big John Mayer kick.  I have a thing for enjoying any music featuring talented guitarists, and I’ve always been able to hear that talent John has: in his progressions, his melodies, and his rhythems.  One of the things I’ve always wanted to hear was him really letting lose, rip out the blazing guitar solos that leave your brain half-melted and yourself in utter awe. So I’ve been looking up on his history.  I knew he used to be a blues musician and had somewhat recently switched to “pop.”  I found the album Try! by the John Mayer Trio, and I think John has moved into one of the top spots as my personal “guitar hero.”  He plays back to his blues roots, and really, really lets the solos fly.  The version of Gravity on it is also exceptionally well done.

It’s really interesting to hear where John’s come from, and to see the switch he made from Blues to Pop.  What I’m trying to get at here is that John Mayer is, in my opinion, one of the best musicians of our time, and if Your Body Is A Wonderland threw you off him, you give him another shot and listen to a full album.  I guarentee that you’ll be impressed.


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